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Projection mapping Voices was created during a Limelight Academy masterclass organized by Limelight and supported by Willoughby City Council. It was shown during Chatswood Nights in Australia in 2021.

Voices is inspired by the times when the peace of your familiar world, which you have built around yourself carefully and thoroughly, is violated. How to find the way back to return to your calm and colourful world?

The artwork is an allusion to things that can enslave us and make us bow our heads in humility, such as world religions and sects, political regimes, or people to whom we have given overpower ourselves – everything that changes us and makes us submit and become like everyone else, that makes us fit in, and eventually lose ourselves. It is a journey inside one’s head, an analysis of where our consciousness can take us, a path into the darkest depths of the mind and out again, but in a different status, with new experiences and knowledge. After all, the whole world is just in our minds.

Voices recalls the moments you’ve lost something essential and really want to find it again. No matter how impossible it seems, you just need to follow the voice that is inside yourself. It will lead you to the right place, even if other voices around are trying to knock you out of the way. In the end, are we going to find what we are looking for?

Music: Frequent – V.R.E.T. World 07