Fox Mykyta


Visuals for opera “Fox Mykyta” by Ivan Nebesnyi I created for Lviv National Opera.

The play hides many surprises: along with the orchestra, there are traditional Ukrainian instruments: cymbals, banduras, jew’s harp, and trembitas; contemporary set design, bright costumes and masks as well as modern 3D projection and light technologies.

The libretto is written by the director Vasyl Vovkun and is based on the famous fairy-tale “Fox Mykyta” by Ivan Franko.

The world of the animals, which are the main characters of the opera, is strikingly similar to human society with all its laws of a struggle for existence. “Who … cares when we have heads so wise and sly?”.  Wisdom and slyness help Fox Mykyta to overcome all challenges and to become a winner.

The opera is performed in Ukrainian.

Lighting designer – Arvydas Buinauskas

Projectors setup and video engineering – Front Pictures (Yuri Kostenko)